Style Post: I'm All About the Scarves

I'm all about scarves this week. Why do I love them? Because they are one of the easiest ways to jazz up a bag, neck, hair-do, or complete outfit.

Earlier this week I wrote about how I'm craving more unique silk and vintage scarves. And that's where this post comes in! I found this adorable silk scarf at my new favorite vintage boutique, Feathers (read about one of my other favorite Feathers finds). I was immediately drawn to the color combo: a luscious brown that reminds me coffee with good creamer and bright blue.

vintage silk scarf

[J.Crew shirt; Madewell jeans and boots; clutch from Maya Star; scarf from Feathers]

I was in the mood for a styled, easy-going look that still had a bold element or two. I think the bright, loosely hanging scarf helped me achieve just that. 

vintage silk scarf

I was also in the mood for a new hair style. Lately I've been experimenting with middle parts and braids. My next challenge was working two braids into a figure eight just above the nape.

vintage silk scarf
vintage silk scarf

Fun times. In other news, we are well under the 30-day wedding mark. Kyle and I both feel VERY, VERY busy, but also very, very organized and excited for the day to arrive.

Thanks to all our friends and family who've been overwhelmingly supportive and continuously offered to help. While it's a busy time, everything seems pretty manageable, which is one of the perks of having a really long engagement, I'd say!

Have a wonderful day!

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