I never really focus on the details in my style posts. But sometimes the details are the only things that matter. Last weekend I lived in my shorts, cozy shirts, and sneakers. My outfits didn't feel particularly special until I jazzed them up with a few bracelets and rings. I just kept piling 'em on. Who's gonna stop me?

I've got my trusty pink hair tie, and my favorite bangle-y bracelets. I'm pretty choosey with the jewelry I buy, but over the last year or so I've been able to stock up on some really versatile pieces. That little belt bracelet was such a find. I'm already so love with everything Erica Weiner does anyway. (This necklace in brass is the best thing I ever bought for myself jewelry-wise!) Her fine and antique collection is so much fun to sift through. And I'm pretty sure I wear that bonnie bracelet with everything! It's simple and easy to wear. Now I just need three more to stack 'em.

I know I tell people about Spartan all the time, but it really is my favorite place to shop in Austin. You never know what you're gonna find. For instance, remember when I blogged about Mast Brothers Chocolate and how I didn't know where to find it here in Austin? Well, Spartan carries tons of it! I also found this adorable hexagon ring. It's lovely and dainty and the perfect little neighbor for my geometric-looking wedding band, which I found at Maya Star here in Austin if you're curious.

Those are all the details, my friends!

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  1. what brand/color of nail polish are you wearing in these pics? Love the rings!