On the Hunt

That's right. Kyle and I are getting the itch to have a place of our own. It's so exciting! For so long I've been hesitant to even think about being a homeowner. People change, I guess.

So now we're looking. There's certainly no rush, though. We want the perfect first home we can find (and afford). Therefore, we're taking our time. But I love getting head of myself .... I'm already pinning all sorts of home decor and design inspiration. Oops.

How about we chill out and find the perfect home first, okay?

Also, any homebuying advice would be much appreciated. We've never done this before.


  1. Love that map in the first image! x

  2. Don't look at anything above your price limit. Because you'll just want it. :-)

  3. -Put down at least 1/6 in cash, no matter what.
    -Get at least 2 different opinions on your foundation from reputable sources, personal connections if possible.
    -Inspect attics, window sills and bathrooms for water damage and mold.
    -Take a second or third look at a furnished place, odds are they're hiding at least 1 problem.
    -Ask to look at the roof and lead paint.
    -Look under carpet in old places---what are they hiding???
    -Organic pest control before you move in... small dogs + spiders = BAAAAD boys + cockroaches = REALLY BAAAAD
    -How thick are the walls? Are they insulated? Do you want to pay a $500/mo utility bill in August?
    -Pipes: Are they lead? copper? PVC? What??
    -Get the phone number of a good lawyer to keep handy.
    -For god sakes, make sure your furniture is going to fit through the doorways! :)

    Only saying because of lessons learned.