Isn't Life Grand?

Who else wants to be outside all day this time of year? Life is feeling pretty good and the weather is making each day better and better.

I've got two things on my to-do list this weekend:

Aww yea. And I'll be doing that in all sorts of ways, starting with a little South Congress shopping rendezvous with an old pal from my college internship in San Francisco days and then stopping by the Renegade Craft Fair, which is always a treat. I love meeting all the indie crafters and checking out their goodies. Be sure to stop by if you're in Austin this weekend. Entry is free and there's so much to see (and buy)!

Have a beautiful weekend.


  1. The Renegade Craft Fair looks SO cool. I have never heard of it but I'm thinking about sneaking down there on Sunday...please blog about it in case I can't get there! ;-)

  2. Sounds perfect! I bet the renegade craft fair is amazing! Hope you had an awesome weekend!!