Pretty Chocolate

First of all, how cool-looking are these bros? I mean, they're probably the cutest chocolate-making hipsters I've ever seen.

These are the Mast brothers, owners and makers of Mast Brothers Chocolate. Bri posted an Instagram of some of their chocolate bars last week--their gorgeous, and beautifully packaged bars of yummy-looking chocolate. All handcrafted and hand packaged in their cute little Brooklyn chocolate factory.

On top of all that, they seem like really nice guys. And I bet that makes the chocolate even better.

Have you ever had a Mast Brothers chocolate bar? I'm dying to get my hands on one, just to hold it. Some things are too pretty to open.


  1. LOVE the packaging....the chocolate is so good! They sell them at Juan Pelota Cafe on Nueces...

    1. What! I have to try some!!!! I had no idea!

  2. seriously isn't it funny how packaging can do such wonders! I would amost want to buy that chocolate just b/c of the wrapping!!!

    So glad I stumbled upon your blog, you've got some great eye candy here--just adding it to my "reading List" :-)

    come on over and follow along my blog all about color, I think you might like it! Not that I'm bias or anything haha