Stacked Wedding Rings

I've been asked about my choice of wedding ring quite a few times since we've been married. It's definitely a little different from the traditional wedding band. I think that's because picking out my wedding ring was way harder than choosing my engagement ring. I really didn't even want a wedding band at first, especially if I wasn't able to to find something I was crazy about. I looked and looked for a curved band that could stack nicely against my engagement ring, but everything just looked too clunky.

And I fell in LOVE with so many alternative wedding bands from Etsy, but I'm more "hands on" and wanted to be able to try the ring on before making the purchase. So after looking for about a month or so, I just sort of gave up.

Kyle eventually found his wedding band, and then I just happened to sort of stumble on something special while waltzing around the shops on South Congress.

stacked wedding rings

I've always really liked the fun clothes and funky decor at Maya Star. It's such a cute, girly shop. I found myself drooling over some of the finer jewelry items in the store and this itty-bitty handmade gold ring with a flat clear sapphire really turned me on. I REALLY liked the idea of having another stone, and I just loved how delicate and dainty it was. So we went for it!

I figured I would just wear it on my ring finger all by itself. Two rings. Two fingers. No fuss about it. But then I started stacking them and wearing them together on my wedding ring finger just to try something different and mix metals here and there. I love, love, love it this way too.

stacked wedding rings

stacked wedding rings

stacked wedding rings

I'm really happy that I decided to go ahead and get a wedding band. It's amazing how much pressure and stress the normal wedding traditions can add to a bride and groom! Kyle and I tried really hard to stay true to ourselves and how we wanted to celebrate our marriage. I think our rings do symbolize that in a way.

How did you choose your wedding rings? Did you pick them together? Did you go with a family heirloom or something brand new?

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