10 Reasons Why I'm Still Excited for Fall

NYFW was exciting. I've kept up with all the coverage on my favorite fashion blogs and I must say--we have A LOT to look forward to for spring/summer 2012. But while I'm oogling over the upcoming collections from Jill Stuart, J.Crew, and many others, I have to remember to live in the present because there's so much to be excited about for fall 2011.

jill stuart and jcrew spring summer 2012

[Two of my favorite fashion week looks from Jill Stuart and J.Crew]

I'm still excited about boots and the latest goods from J.Crew, but there's more to fall than just great fashion. Here are 10 reasons why I'm still excited for fall:

1. I get to marry my best friend. I'm not going to lie--I'm pretty excited about this. Kyle is kind of my dream hunk.

2. We're going on a honeymoon. Yippie!

3. Cinnamon donuts. Not sure if these are directly related to fall in any way, but I saw this post on Design Sponge about cinnamon donuts and immediately thought about cool mornings and having cinnamon donuts with a giant pot of coffee.

4. The football spirit. People around here are already celebrating football season to the fullest. Hopefully this doesn't sound too sacrilegious--I don't actually care that much about football. But football season just sort of lights a fire in people and it's kind of fun and interesting to see.

5. A new excuse to cozy up, get warm, and watch old movies. Cold evenings mean more blankets, warm fires, and snuggle time on the sofa. Amanda from Here's Looking at Me, Kid writes a great weekly column on her blog about old movies. I love her reviews and can't wait to watch some of these flicks this fall/winter.

6. Hot apple cider.

7. Halloween. I wonder what the hot costumes are going to be this year.

8. The weather is finally going to be cool enough to enjoy a night or two of camping. Kyle and I have talked about going on another camping trip soon, but it's been tough with our poodle. Simon is kind of a diva, but I think we can warm him up to living outdoors with us for a couple days.

9. Fall fairs and festivals. I'm always looking for a good turkey leg and deep fried desserts.

10. Slowing down. When fall hits we start to get all crazy about the holidays and planning for 2012. That's all well and good, but I'd like to take at least part of the last leg of the year to think about what I've loved and learned in 2011. Time flies, that's for sure.

Any exciting things in store for you this fall? Do share.

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