Falling for September

The Texas heat is definitely wearing me down. So, what do I do when I can’t take it anymore? I start lusting for fall. It’s easy, especially when I come across one of my favorite retailers’ fall arrivals.

Here’s my wish list and what I'm loving from the J.Crew fall collection:


These silk tops are decadent. I already own one silk shirt from JC and I can't stop loving the smooth finish and the light weight. I especially love these two pieces from the fall collection. The heavier weight of the first number will be especially nice for the chillier months, and the mustard yellow tone of the second blouse is going to be my go-to color for fall.
J.Crew silk top

J.Crew silk top

Bold britches:

I cannot wait to try these puppies on. Not only do they look comfortable as ever, I'm also in love with the bright hues.

J.Crew cafe capri pant

Big bows of color:

How fun is this skirt? It looks so comfortably high waisted, and it's the perfect mustard-olive color. The sash tops it off nicely too.

J.Crew sash skirt

Boyfriend's closet:

Pull-over shirt dresses have been staples for my summer wardrobe. For me I think this trend will carry through the fall, especially due to my love for this sweater dress that so easily mimics the comfort of one of my fiance's over-sized sweaters. And I love JC's play on the traditional loafer with this chic patent leather version. I can't wait to pair these with that sash skirt and some cute trouser slouch socks.

J.Crew sweater dress

J.Crew leather loafer shoes


I cannot stop staring at pictures of this trench coat. Sleek, seductive, and classic. I think every gal deserves a timeless piece such as this in her closet. 

J.Crew trench coat

Bright velvet:

I'm most excited about this blazer for fall.  It reminds me of a carnival or a circus conductor.

J.Crew schoolboy blazer in velvet

Truth is, the Texas weather wouldn't allow me to even wear any of this stuff until late September. But a girl can still dream, can't she?


  1. Love the use of the word britches! I will join you in bringing it back!

  2. Ooh! I do love that blazer. Makes jeans and a white tee so dressy.

  3. Yes! That's exactly what I thought! I need like five more white tees now.

  4. And yes, Taylor - the word "britches" is back.

  5. love the orange velvet blazer! WHAT A STATEMENT!

  6. Isabella - I know, right? I love how "loud" it is, but how classic it looks with just a white tee. Thanks for commenting!