Love (Just Like the Movies)

Kyle and I were on the fence about hiring a wedding videographer for quite some time. We eventually decided it was more than worth it to us to have footage of our ceremony and the day’s festivities.

Thankfully, wedding videos of friends and family are much easier to watch these days with the direction most videographers seem to be going. I’m seeing more shorts or wedding “music videos” in which all the sweet, cinematic, tear-jerking moments are captured, elegantly put together, and set to music in a quick 3-5 minute video.

It was really important to us that we choose a videographer that was both experienced and creative. We found Tyler Faires through the wedding blogosphere and booked him after seeing this video:

Such a sweet wedding. We just love how Tyler makes the music, the venue, and the wedding party such an integral part of his videos. We’re excited to see how he captures our day!

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