First Outfit Post: The Lovely Slub

This is my first outfit post! And I think one of the first things I should mention is that I've never done this before. I know, I know. For some reason that surprises people. Maybe that's because I tend to look very natural when I try to pose and not laugh at Kyle while he snaps a photo of me.

Yea, right. It was definitely awkward. But I'm going to get better at it and it will become less awkward. Why? Because I love reading blogs with outfit posts, and I often visit them for inspiration. So in an effort to deliver the kind of content that I'm passionate about and inspired by, I'm going to include the occasional outfit post for you.

J.Crew slub tee shirt and skirt

[James Perse top, J.Crew skirt, Madewell sandals, 
IGWT sweet nothings necklace, Aldo clutch, Timex vintage field army watch]

Last week I was obsessed with finding the perfect white tee. As part of my search I came across James Perse and became completely enamored by this vintage slub casual tee. I love the way slub cotton is woven and creates that soft, textured finish. I'm saving up to get it in white, but I thought grayish-blue would look really nice with this floating garden skirt.

And I'm starting to enjoy higher-waisted skirts more and more thanks to this one. It sits around the bellybutton, which happens to be quite high for me, but it's still loose and comfortable. I also love the length because it feels casual, but still appropriate for work or a day-time wedding. Don't you think?


  1. Yeah for the first outfit post!!! Love it!

  2. : ) Thanks. You should totally start posting outfits to Anchors and Argyle.

  3. Pretty outfit!!! Great pics! Love your blog!

  4. I love this outfit! So simple and perfect for a hot day and it flatters your figure perfectly!

  5. What a sweet comment. Thank you! It's so comfortable and easy to wear too.