Introducing Kyle

Now that I've kept this blog up and running for a little over a month, it feels like it's about time to introduce Kyle--the man I love and live with.

We met in 2008 outside of a food truck. Romantic, huh? When I look back and think about it, I realize it was sort of romantic. How often do you hear about people meeting outside of a food truck and falling madly in love?

Flip Happy Crepes used to be (and probably still is) one of those insanely popular food trucks that almost always looks busy. After Food Network featured their delicious crepes, you could count on having to wait about 90 minutes or more if you wanted some, at least on the weekends.

if i must say so engaged

[Here we are at Flip Happy Crepes the day after we got engaged.]

I fell into that wonderful trap on a Saturday morning. I waited in line with a girlfriend for a good 30 minutes or so before we even had the chance to order. Then we were left waiting for a table to open up--that's where Kyle comes in. He and his roommate were sharing a 6-person picnic table, just the two of them, so Lindsay and I swooped in and made it a foursome. We chatted about life, work, and crepes for the next 45 minutes or so until our food arrived. Then Kyle shared some of his salmon crepe and I took his business card. And that was it.

It was kind of interesting and memorable that we didn't exchange numbers or even that many glances. It was one of those moments when you meet someone that you like and feel a slight attraction for, but you don't want to cheapen the nice experience you just had by asking for a phone number or a date on the spot.

So we parted ways and went on with our weekends. I remember the next night being a rough one--I'd essentially decided that I wanted to break up with the guy I'd been seeing at the time and I'd received word that my great-grandmother wasn't doing so well. How did I cope? I had a small glass of wine and decided to email Kyle. I thought: who knows? Maybe we'd become good friends.

Within an hour of emailing him, he wrote back. A week later we went on a date and in less than six weeks we'll be married to each other.

if i must say so engaged

[Kyle proposed on Enchanted Rock. We snapped this shot right before he asked.]

Sorry for turning that into a longer "how we met" type story, but I think it lays the foundation for our relationship. I feel so lucky to have stumbled across Kyle that morning. I feel even luckier that he's still around! He's the most ambitious, patient, and genuine person I know. We've been together for more than 3 years now and lived together for 2, which feels insane! I've never been able to stomach a roommate for more than 9 months or so (sorry ex-roomies).

And that leads me to another key thing I've learned about relationships--you both have to be willing to grow and learn from each other. One of the greatest things about my relationship with Kyle is when I had that "ah-ha" moment. I knew we were perfect for each other about 6 weeks in (that's when the first "ah-ha" came about). Then the second one hit me about a year and a half in when my insecurities surfaced. To put it bluntly, I had a lot of growing up to do in terms of communicating with someone I loved.

Since then, communication has been great and we love working on our relationship. As we grow and evolve, the relationship will too and in less than six weeks we'll be making that promise to grow together.

Thanks for hanging on until the very end! Hopefully this post wasn't too gooey.

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