A Good Day for Brunch

Yesterday I ate like a queen, a southern queen with a strong liking for breakfast meats, alcohol, and bread.

We've been wanting to try the Sunday breakfast buffet at Paggi House for quite some time and I found yesterday's experience to be rather blog-worthy.

From the outside, Paggi House looks exactly like the kind "house" you'd expect an historic landmark to look like. But the long stairway leading up to the main doorway and a huge patio surrounded by trees were very inviting, and the inside is more modern than mid 19th century. 

I decided not to haul the camera around, so please enjoy the Instagram photos:

paggi house austin

I love the beautiful chandeliers in this dining room. You may not be able to tell, but they're painted black, creating a rather eerie vibe. Paggi House kept that vibe going with music from bands like Portishead and Daft Punk--easy electronic and eerie tempos. It wasn't what I'd expect for music during brunch, but then again I'd never been to brunch at Paggi House before. It was subtle and interesting.

paggi house dining room

I tried to start things off slow once the buffet opened, but that's hard when things like strawberry butter, bread pudding, and bacon are up for grabs. So, I loaded up. Food items pictured: bleu cheese grits, home fries, lox, berries and cream, bread pudding, scones with strawberry butter, quiche, cheese, bacon, and sausage.

paggi house breakfast buffet

The freshly prepared buffet items included chicken and waffles and eggs benedict with pulled pork. I swear the English muffin was homemade. That or baked in butter.

paggi house chicken and waffles

paggi house eggs benedict

And we drank a few mimosas because that's what you do at brunch, and Paggi House does brunch well.

paggi house mimosa

"Where to brunch next," is what I always ask. Are you eating well over the Labor Day holiday?

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