Cheesy Jalapeño Buttermilk Biscuits

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you're probably aware that I'm obsessed with my new Kitchen Aid  stand mixer. It was a lovely gift from my mother and Kyle and I are quickly dreaming up all the wonderful things we are going to make with it.

After eating the giant cupcake pictured in this post, I decided I wanted to make something savory and comforting. I immediately thought "buttermilk!" and found this yummy-looking recipe for cheesey jalapeño buttermilk biscuits on A Cozy Kitchen.

buttermilk biscuits

These biscuits were full of cheese and called for the right amount of jalapeño for just the slightest kick.

chopped jalapeno

The recipe also makes eight giant biscuits. I rolled the dough out a little too thin, I think, so they took on a rather rectangular shape. 

biscuit dough

But they were still flaky, salty, and delicious. 

buttermilk biscuits

Do you remember the first thing you made with your stand mixer? Oh, the memories. 


  1. These sound sooo good... my husband would die over them! Although I don't remember what I first made in my stand mixer, I DO remember my mom & dad giving me a wrapped box the day I graduated from college. Inside was the mixer attachment (the actual mixer was stashed in a closet.) I was so excited!!

  2. That's how I felt when I got mine, too! I can't wait to start collecting attachments, especially the pasta maker!

  3. Ohh my, that looks soo tasty!


  4. They look totally yummy! I love everything Kitchen Aid and I swoon for jalapeno cheese bread! yum.

    Hi, I'm Leah btw! (:


  5. Emma - They were tasty : )

    Leah - Hi! Nice to meet you!

    Thanks for checking out the blog, ladies! I hope you're enjoying it. I checked out both of your blogs too. I dig!

  6. Those look yummy! Look at you go Susie Homemaker.

  7. Mmm, they look absolutely delicious! I am envious! <3

    Lost in the Haze

  8. hmm looks delish! i am following you now. great blog <3


  9. Hooray! Thanks, Jo and Natalie, for popping over!

  10. I'm so anxious to get out my NEW yellow KitchenAid and open the box in my NEW house! Never used it before! Just got it from the wedding.

    Found you at GWS!

  11. Awesome! Thanks for checking out my blog! I LOVE GWS. Her blog is so inspirational. And she does a fabulous job curating all those images.

    I hope you enjoy your yellow mixer! I love all the color choices they have. We got the black one because it meshes well with our style, but I really would have loved any of the colors. I can't wait to read about what you make first!