Shades and Maxi Checks

Bold and bright colors seem to catch my eye lately. From colored denim to printed tops--I'm all over it. But as I try to acquire a few more boldly colored pieces, I have to keep all the brightly colored items that I already own in mind.

Like this pink maxi check shirt from J.Crew. I bought it earlier this year, and the pink seemed like the most subtle option because the darker pink checks blend nicely with the ivory and lighter pink ones. But it's still one of the brighter items in my wardrobe at the moment and serves as a nice, casual pop of color.

[J.Crew top and bracelet; Madewell vest, jeans, and shoes; Ray-Ban sunglasses]

I styled it with this cropped vest and distressed jeans. And these platform Madewell sandals have been just another staple of my summer wardrobe. They are really comfortable, look cute styled with almost anything, and give me another three inches or so.

maxi check shirt and blogger bun

And as for the bun? I know it's up there and makes me look even taller, but it's been a really convenient hair style since I started growing it out again.

How do you incorporate more brightly colored pieces into your wardrobe?


  1. Bright lips are always the best punctuation and time saver, I say! I love the high bun...wish I could throw one up there sometimes...

  2. Right-o! Good call on the bright lips. I have one shade that I wear A LOT, but I need to go brighter!

  3. pretty modeling photos!