Fan Favorites: iPad Cases

iPads are all the rage. So much that I got one for my birthday last month! Yay! I've mastered how to search the web, tweet, and play Angry Birds (which is much easier on an iPad than a smartphone), but I'm still trying to figure out how to use it as an everyday tool that makes me more productive. Right now I'm planning to use it as our only internet source during our honeymoon (3 weeks in Australia/New Zealand, yikes!) But in the meantime, how can I take advantage of this awesome device to make me a better, more productive blogger?

While you think about that, I'll let you in on my search for the perfect iPad case. Design Sponge featured a great post recently on cute iPad accessories. Here are a couple more I'm adding to that list:

From The Good Flock

ipad case

These cute wool cases are handcrafted in the USA from responsibly raised or grown materials. (Check out this cute little infographic about how these wool cases are made compared to plastic ones.) I love this Native American print because I think it sort of personalizes the technology a bit. The red and black reminds me of the coziest flannel shirt. And who wouldn't want to wrap their iPad up in that?

ipad case

This Etsy artist was a featured seller last year, and I love just how simple and functional his cases are. This light gray merino wool one is probably the front runner for me, but maybe I can splurge on more than one?

Do you have an iPad? What do you love about it, and how do you dress it up?


  1. I love the gray wool one with the little bit of leather. That gets my vote.

  2. Oh, pretty! Love the wool case! Thank you for the sweet comment!
    xo, Elsie