5 Boxes for My Jewels

How do you organize your jewels? I prefer the traditional "jewels in a box" method. I used to have this adorable and fairly huge fabric-covered jewelry box from Anthropologie, and I used the heck out of that thing before Simon took his teeth to it. So it's probably about time for a new jewelry box or stand or something. 

Something else to keep in mind as you read this post--I have a very small jewelry collection. I wear mostly post earrings and rotate between the same three necklaces that I adore (and they all happen to be gold). I have probably 10 or so statement necklaces that I wear fairly often, but I've always said "no" to buying more jewelry that I could feasibly wear within a 30-day period.

Now I think my jewelry deserves to be updated just as much as my closet, which is why I plan to acquire more pieces I adore but have been too scared to purchase. And that's why I may need a cute new jewelry box or two. Or five. Okay, five is probably too many to have, but here are five that I like.

A sweet, pressed flower box. It's dainty, but perfect for my favorite, go-to pieces:

urban outfitters jewelry box

My grandmother used to have little candy dishes like this around the house. How cute would you be if you stored some jewelry in there?

candy dish jewelry box


So this one isn't technically a box, but it serves the same purpose. This brass wishing tree makes a for an interesting and intricate jewelry holder, and it comes with a ring cup in the center! Talk about pretty and functional!

urban outfitters jewelry tree

Just looking at this cute panda dish makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I love how those little rings rest so snuggly in its belly.

panda bear jewelry dish

This one is for those who like to keep their jewelry looking clean and simple. And once you decide to stop using them to store jewelry, they are perfect for any other adorable objects you care to display.

west elm jewelry box

Looking for tips on how to organize a much bigger jewelry collection? Check out this post by Trophy Boutique.


  1. I love that gold tree. I also have seen people use teacups to hang their dangle earrings off of and it it's pretty cute too!

  2. One day soon I'll be needed a new jeweler box too. I love that Anthropologie one, though not a box is especially adorable and art unto itself.
    Secretly I hope my husband will just craft something amazing from some exotic wood or metal and give it too me on a random day. Wouldn't that be romantic. In the mean time I like your finds, the seem more realistic. :)

  3. I feel so uncreative when I look in my closet and see my jewelry, to be quite honest. I want a crazy tree and some teacups!

  4. Hooray!

    Love the tea cup idea, Taylor!

    Teaka - I hope he does, and then I hope you blog about it!

    Laurel - Just add a crazy tree and teacup to your impeccably organized closet : )

  5. Another brilliant and adorable way to store jewelry, courtesy of Taylor - http://www.westelm.com/products/egg-crates-c220/?pkey=e|egg%2Bcrate|4|best|0|1|24||1&cm_src=NLASEARCH||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules-_-

    Ceramic egg crates!

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