Why Do I Love the Internet?

Because it lets me discover something new. I discover one thing and then that leads me to discover another, and then another, and then another. It goes on and on, and it just doesn't stop because the discovery I made last week is inspiring me to do or write something completely new and different. And then blogger so-in-so over in her corner of the web is playing around on her network and sharing HER new discoveries. I get one whiff of that and the cycle continues. Like I said--it just doesn't stop.

Now what am I going to do about it? How am I going take all these amazing discoveries IN, use them for inspiration, and then create something new?

Now THAT is a good question.

I've had way too much coffee in the last 15 minutes, so imagine me trying to write this frantically before it wears off. This quick and odd little post was inspired by a couple of cool things I just stumbled upon (thanks to Twitter). Here's what they are and why they stopped me in my tracks:


There's a little blogger I follow named Veronika who writes about personal style and her love for vintage on Tick Tock Vintage. Her blog and style is adorable, but I also really love the photos for her outfit posts. They are mostly taken outdoors on the streets of Philly, and I'm always checking out her clothes along with the street setting around her.

Now this leads me to today's jolt of inspiration. Veronika snapped a few photos of Morgan who blogs for Morgan and Lua, which I'd never visited before. Yes, Morgan looks adorable, but these great photos that Veronika took of her on a random street also add such a real-world element to Morgan's blog post. She looks natural. She looks amazing. She looks like someone I could be friends with in the blogging world (and probably the real world too if we lived anywhere near each other).

[Veronika's photo on Morgan and Lua]


After rummaging around on Morgan's blog I hopped back onto Twitter, but before too long I found myself on another fantastic blog written by a San Francisco gal with bohemian-modern flare and awesome taste for interior design. Her blog is colorful, bold, and eye-catching. I want to know this person.

Point of View

The blog post that happened to be featured on SF Girl's blog was an interview with Anthology magazine editor Anh-Minh Le, which then led me to her site. I fell in love with Anthology's style, point of view, aesthetic, interiors, everything. Just another jolt of inspiration for my evening. 

[Anthology on sale at Anthropologie]

And what did today's random internet adventure reiterate about blogging?

1. Great photos are key and I need a better camera.
2. Coloful and thoughtful design says wonders about your blog and who you are.
3. A distinct point of view makes your blog legit and gives readers a reason to keep coming back.

 So, what did you learn today?


  1. I must say that once I invested in a good camera, my blog instantly got about 100x better. So much more fun to capture original moments! Thanks for the great blogging reflections. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog Jennifer! I'm so glad you did, because now I'm hooked on yours!! OXO Nat

  3. That's so great to hear, Camille! I'm going to start researching SLRs and lenses. Recommendations are certainly welcome!

    Yay, Natalie!

    Thanks for commenting, ladies!

  4. i'd never visited morgans blog before but thank you so much for posting about it here. i'm always on the look out for more inspiration, i can never get enough. but it's what you do with that inspiration that's important, you're totally right.