Out West

Last weekend we spent a few days in Marfa to celebrate our anniversary. It's insane to think that it's already been a year since that beautiful day. So much has happened since then: we've traveled around the world, bought a house, changed some things. A banner year, I'd say.

We went to Marfa to get away and explore the tiny West Texas town that continues to draw visitors from all over the globe. (Yea, Beyonce just paid Prada Marfa a visit.) I haven't been out west since I was very little, on a camping trip with my dad in Balmorhea, so it was nice to go back. Kyle and I loved the open landscape, the marshmallow skies, and the variety of people and personalities in little Marfa.

Our friends told us about The Get Go, which is the local market full of the most delicious and nutritious drinks and eats. We ate locally for most of our stay, but we were jazzed to shop at The Get Go the one night we decided to stay in and cook. We made falafel and cooked tofu with tasty sauce.

Marfa Book Company was another important stop for us. The shop has the most amazing selection of new and classic books. The art collection is astounding, as expected, and I also love the range of poetry and chapbooks available in the store. The small art gallery in the back is a beautiful space as well. 

We had our anniversary dinner at a local hot spot called Cochineal. Beautiful drinks, vibes, everything. And then there was the blue cheese souffle, which still makes my mouth water. 

Even though we didn't stay at El Cosmico, we wanted to visit the lobby and the grounds of this popular camping spot. I didn't grab a photo of all the vintage trailers and teepees at El Cosmico, but I imagine it's a fun place to stay with a group of friends!

Then there was Cobra Rock. I was so, so excited to visit this workshop/store, and it greatly exceeded my expectations. One of the owners, Colt, was the sweetest guy. He even let me try on a pair of the famous 1940s square-toed riding-heel boots, and they felt good

Another amazing stop was the Chinati Hot Springs. We took an unpaved road through some pretty rough terrain to get there. I was nervous about driving through a deserted canyon, but everyone said it would be worth. And the scenery was magnificent.

One of our last stops during our Marfa exploration was at a new boutique called Freda. The shop was in the tiniest building, but the nicely edited collection of handmade things helped me for forget about the tight space. My favorite pieces have to be this kite mural and ghost toast figurine.

It was so nice to get away for a while. Marfa is a dreamy little town, and I love all the creativity happening there. But today it's back to reality.

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