The House Before

Warning! I'll be blogging about the new house quite a bit this week. Our weekend was full of moving, packing, unloading and organizing. Now we've spent two nights in our new home and it's great! I love living in an actual neighborhood where everyone waves at you, all the dogs want to play with you and it's okay to be in bed by 10:30 because the rest of the neighbors are. It's quiet and cozy on our block, but we're still really close to some hopping restaurants and mingling areas. I can't wait to get completely moved in and acquainted with our new home.

We've done a ton of work to our new place in just the six days we've owned it. Nothing drastic yet, but like I said before, this place needed some love. Everything is coming along including furniture and small projects. I can't wait to show photos of the final look, but here are some quick snaps of the place the day we closed on it.

We have a giant tree in front of the house, which I love! I'm also in love with all the big windows! So much natural light!

The backyard is probably the area that's needed the most work. We have a fabulous deck with built-in seating and everything, but the bamboo ...

More on that later this week! I hope you've enjoyed a quick preview of our place! I can't wait to show you how it all comes together.


  1. I really love this type of house...

  2. Super cute. Has great curb appeal. Can't wait to see more!

  3. I love the hardwood floors and all the trees! So sweet...

  4. Such a cute bungalow. And those WINDOWS...they're special. It's going to be darling!

  5. The floors, the big windows, the baseboards, the deck! Wow! Looks like a great place!*

  6. No way! You're just a few houses away from me! I'm writing you today about this :)

  7. we bought a house in cherrywood in may, using henry! i'm moving down to austin this weekend! your house is adorbs! can't wait to follow your process.

    1. That's awesome! Are we going to be neighbors? Congrats on the house!

  8. we're at the south end of hollywood. i hope we're going to be neighbors!

  9. Congrats Jennifer!! This place looks fantastic... those windows, that light fixture, that deck! Looks like lots of potential. Can't wait to see how you make it your own.