The Rucksack

This whole week I've been blabbing about my birthday and all the fun we had celebrating last week. Well, this next post is only somewhat related to all that. Kyle fulfilled my only birthday gift wish by giving me this adorable and uber-functional handmade canvas rucksack.

I'm pretty obsessed with it, as I've been in desperate need of a pack big enough for my laptop, tablet, and other essentials. I found the Etsy seller/maker through Pinterest, of course. Sweet little Moorea just pins the coolest things, this rucksack being one of them. Kyle worked with Abby Meadow of Infusion, and he said she was the nicest person. And I believe it. She makes every bag by hand, from start to finish. Her designs are functional, stylish, and perfect for every day or outdoor adventures.

Good stuff, I tell ya. This rucksack just happens to be my favorite at the moment, but Abby also makes all kinds of totes and messenger bags. Be sure to visit her shop to check out the rest!


  1. so glad to know you love it! Happy belated birthday. xo

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