Getaway Essentials

We had a quick little getaway in the hill country last weekend. No computers, no phone chargers. Just us. I tried to pack as little as possible in my new rucksack. Essentials included flat, jorts, something to swim in, something to write in in case I got to daydreaming, and 2-3 beauty items max.

I've gone a little nutso with the dots, I know. I am not ashamed, but I need to be careful. Catch me wearing these skimmers with these pants and I'd understand why you might be worried. But worry you should not. I plan to wear these flats with plenty of jorts and white tees this summer.

I also mustn't forget my second favorite shade of red lipstick by Laura Mercier. It's smooth and glossy, and I think it looks really good with dots. I also like to bring my Rodin lip balm along. I love the smell of this stuff! 

And another product I've been loving lately, and one that must come along for overnight excursions is the Rosewater Toner from Cold Springs Apothecary. My skin tends to get pretty dry after a good wash. I usually follow it with a spritz of this stuff for a little extra hydration without having to go overboard with my moisturizer. 

And those are my getaway essentials! I used to think packing for short trips was harder than packing for long ones, but this trip changed my mind. Sometimes it's easier to just get away with as little as possible.

Are getting away this weekend? I'm already ready for another trip!


  1. I love this post! I think it's a fun challenge to pack for weekend getaways, especially now that I've got two little dudes to pack for.

    Also, we need to have a "working" lunch. I think I'm ready to revive my blog!

    1. Yes! A blog revival! I love that idea. Would love to get together to help brainstorm and plan!

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  3. Love your blog. I'm a new follower here.hehe

  4. WP, this is one of my fave posts. I love your obession with dots. I'm starting to have one myself. Miss and love you.