Frito Pie & a Birthday

It's great to be back! It was nice having a short break from all the blogging madness, but I couldn't stay away too long! I really did enjoy my birthday break, though. I had time to relax a bit, recoup from all the house hunting drama, and spend some quality time with the pooch and hubs.

If you follow me on Instagram (@birdflygood) you're probably very aware of all the eating that happened the night before my actual birthday. Kyle took me to Lambert's, a swanky-delicious downtown Austin BBQ joint, for my favorite meal - the Frito pie. People think I'm crazy for going to a super nice BBQ place and ordering the Frito pie off the bar menu. Taste the Frito pie from Lambert's and you'll know why. Chopped beef, queso, goat cheese, and Fritos. Mmmk?

Aside from just Frito pie, most of the break included more indulgent birthday meals, birthday naps, and a stop at the shooting range. Yes, I shot a gun for the very first time, and it was freaky. I didn't really grow up around guns, and I tend to get pretty nervous at the thought of having one in my own house. But Kyle thought I should know how to shoot one, and everyone says it feels pretty great to get out on the range and let her rip! So I gave it a whirl.....and about 20 minutes later I was done. It gets so loud in those indoor ranges! I seriously thought my ears were going to fall off afterward. But at least I hit the target a few times. It was certainly a birthday adventure.

How was your fourth of July break?

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  1. ah- guns freak me out too! we didn't have them in the house when i was a kid and i've only held one once- for a photoshoot where i was assisting! haha.

    glad you had a wonderful birthday break- sounds amazing!