My Summer Uniform

Let's be honest. It's too hot for skinny jeans and just tight-fitting clothing in general. And sadly, I can't wear jorts every single day. Boy jeans have been keeping me afloat on days when I want to wear pants but can't simply fathom the idea of being glued to my jeans via sweat. I thank the fashion world for boy jeans.

And maybe I'm weird, but I like to keep it baggy in the summertime. Lots of loose button-ups, lots of front knots. Fun shoes and accessories make all the difference, taking a baggy look from pretty "meh" to very "YEAH!" That's kinda what I'm going for this summer with my wardrobe--more classic pieces that'll transition every year but with a few seasonal items to make things more interesting.

J. Brand boy jeans. Knot front shirt. J.Crew clutch. Madewell wedges. 

What's your go-to summer look?


  1. My go-to look is a sundress and a sun hat with sandals!

    1. Yes! Have to have a hat. And I love a good sundress ; )