Style Post: Boy Jeans

I sort of miss the days when all I wore were bootcut or rail-straight jeans. I remember when my go-to look consisted of some loosely fitted jeans, Lucchese boots, and some sort of top. A lot has changed since then, but sometimes I long for some super baggy, low-slung jeans.

Enter the Madewell boy jeans. They're loose and baggy, but still have a great fit. My fashionable fat pants, I call them.

Madewell top, jeans, and shoes. J.Crew belt. Maya Star clutch.

I knew I wanted to experiment with pants in 2012, and I think I'm on my way with these guys. Next up--floral pants?


  1. I got to see this outfit in the flesh!

    1. Yea you did! Love that phrase - "in the flesh" : )

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Lauren. Loving your style posts as of late, btw!

  3. Ok, first off, let me just say your blog looks FAB FAB FAB! So pretty, I totally love it! Secondly, you're adorable! xx Natalie

  4. Those are some great jeans! They look chic, but comfortable! Great look!