A New Look!

Hello, friends! While you were off having a fabulous weekend, we were having a party over here on the blog. A makeover party, that is. I've been working with Moorea Seal and the lovely ladies of Freckled Nest Design to give If I Must Say So a facelift and I couldn't be more excited to officially launch the new look today!

So, what do you think? As you can see, things are still pretty clean and simple, but we jazzed it up a bit with more flowers and bright colors. I also wanted to point out a few new jazzy features:

To the right you'll see some colorful little icons. Feel free to friend, follow, or connect with me through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Bloglovin', and RSS.

You'll also see some new sidebar additions on the right-hand side.

First, you'll find the five main categories for the blog. Hopefully this will make navigation easier for you as you look for more food, DIY, or style posts. Next, there's a pretty little button for you to share If I Must Say So on your blog if you choose to do so! Lastly, after the search bar, you'll see a little sponsor section where I plan to start featuring some of my favorite brands and businesses. I can't thank them enough for being part of If I Must Say So!

And if you're looking to get in touch with me, view my blog roll, or see my other contributions around the web, just check out the nav bar on the top-right corner.

Thanks for checking out the new look, y'all. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know!


  1. Ooh, so pretty friend. I like it!

  2. Looks awesome! Super exciting!

  3. I am SO IN LOVE with your new site, Jennifer! Hats off to Moorea!! It's so pretty, and so you.

  4. I was behind on the blog and got caught up this AM and LOVE how it looks!!!

  5. Jennifer, I'm doing some much needed catching up and gasped when I opened your site. It's beautiful and so complementary to your style!! Fantastic work! I'm really looking forward to visiting again and again.

    Loved seeing you again today. Next trip... Lula B's!!

    1. Thank you so much, Hilary! It was awesome seeing you today! Looking forward to a trip to Lula B's with you girls, for sure!