Fashion, Food, and Crafty Resolutions

Okay, so I know I said I wasn't going to come up with a list of fancy blog goals for 2012, but a resolution or two isn't bad to have, right?

The purpose of If I Must Say So is to inspire through personal style, delicious food, and fun, easy projects, among other things. To keep my blog in check and make sure I continue to deliver exciting and relevant content, I created a few resolutions around fashion, food, and craftiness.

2012 Fashion Resolutions

PANTS: I'm thinking harem, high waisted, and more color.

COLOR: I want more popping and hints of neon.

METALLICS: I'm still loving gold. Let's keep that going.

PRINTS: Loud prints are in, and I want to get into that. I'm thinking more animals, florals, and geometric designs.

2012 Food Resolutions

DONUTS: This has always been a dream of mine. Let's put that deep fryer to good use!

PRETZELS: More fried bread? I think so.

2012 Crafty Resolutions

WALL ART: It's time to fancify the walls in our hallway. I'm thinking an assortment of frames, art prints, and vintage touches.

FLOWERS: Fresh flowers always make me happy. I'd like to start arranging more bouquets, pressing a few for keepsakes, and just enjoying the color and freshness.

Hooray for new goals! What are your plans for 2012?

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