On Getting Older and Why I Like It

I'm pretty jazzed about 2012 and can't wait to see what's in store. The new year also has me thinking about age and getting older. This year I'll turn 26, Kyle will turn 35, and poodle will turn 3. No biggie, right? I'm actually quite excited about turning 26. I figure the older you get, the more comfortable you become in your own skin. I'll just say I'm a lot more comfortable with who I am NOW than who I was two years ago.

I'm slowly reading through my first issue of Frankie magazine (trying to savor every delicious moment) and one of the articles hit on the very topic of getting older and why it's awesome. Here's what author Rowena Grant-Frost wrote in regards to getting older and what she likes about it:

[All images scanned from my copy of Frankie Issue 45]

I also like complaining about young people, and I REALLY like going to bed early. So, take THAT 21-year-old version of myself. 

26 is going to be awesome. 

What do you like about getting older?

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