Style Post: The Leopard-Like Flower Print

Did you all have a sweet Mother's Day yesterday? It's kind of a fun Hallmark holiday, and a great excuse to shower our mothers with love and gifts. As Simon's mom, we celebrated with an extra-long cuddle session on Sunday and homemade donuts.

And I wore the heck out of my tired, old chambray shirt. I believe it's on its last leg. I ripped another elbow hole last week and it's only getting worse. Poor thing. We're making it work though.

Last week I found these really fun floral pants. Floral pants, y'all! A print I've been blogging way too much about lately. I don't care though. The more floral I can get, the better.

But I'm jumping on the floral bandwagon with ease because I want to make sure the floral pieces I buy will transition nicely into fall. Yes, I'm already thinking about fall. I also tend to think about "cost per wear" when investing in certain pieces, and jeans definitely fall into the category of items I'm willing to pay a pretty penny for if I can wear the heck out of them all year.

These Free People jeans met that criteria perfectly, and they give me that floral fix. I love the teeny-tiny florals, and the neutral palette will give me many excuses to wear them throughout the year.

Don't you think the print looks sort of leopard-like from a distance? So many people at the office (and the grocery store) commented on that. I'll take it as a compliment.

J.Crew shirt and belt. Madewell shoes. Free People jeans. J.Crew, Anthropologie, and Madewell bracelets. Schatzelein ring. Ray-Bun sunglasses.

Have a super Monday!


  1. Love these!!! May need to purchase them as well..

  2. Those are so cute and yes, I thought they were leopard from a distance!!! Your hair also looks fantastic friend!