Style Post: New Friends & Red Jeans

I've got a slightly older style post for you today, folks. Do you remember that one week in March when the only thing that seemed to matter was SXSW? This shoot with Australian photographer/drummer Danni Ogilvie is from the good ol' days when Austin turns into a strange, carnival-like place.

I met Danni as we were roaming the mean streets of downtown Austin. He liked my boots. I gave him card. Next thing I knew we were talking outfits, blogging, photography, and Australia.

This was Danni's first trip to Austin. His excuse was playing drums with  the band Emma Louise, but it sounds like he was sure to make the most of it by documenting the adventure with his trusty camera. It was rather refreshing to meet an outsider who was just as excited to be in Austin, check out the city, and meet a few locals as he was about being part of a wild music conference. I was just as intrigued by his camera work, so we snapped a few and called it a day.

Madewell hat and shirt. J.Crew tank. Gap jeans. Thifted boots (last seen here).

Red jeans and a feathered hat seemed like a good combo for an outing with a complete stranger. To be honest, I was a little surprised that I was even up for this! Kyle's been the only one taking pictures of me since the beginning of time, so my nerves were all over the place. But Danni made the whole thing barrels of fun.

Here's to new friends and red jeans. Thanks, Danni!

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  1. How cool is that?!! Love the hat, jeans, and photographs... and no one would ever have known that you were nervous!