Style Post: My SXSW Getup

Somehow I was able to squeeze in one full day of SXSW last weekend. Kyle had two shows on Saturday (one with The Couch and the other with Frank Smith) and we were able to catch Emma Louise at the Aussie BBQ showcase. It's been so long since I've done 10 straight hours of music. It's tiring, especially when you're walking back and forth from the car, loading and unloading gear between shows. But if you're gonna walk and people watch at the same time, SXSW season is the time to do it.

[Madewell shorts (last seen here); J.Crew boat shoes; thrifted shirt from Buffalo Exchange; Ray-Ban sunglasses

My SXSW look was super casual but colorful. And I was so happy to bust out my jorts! I've missed these guys, and they were perfect for prancing around downtown Austin on such a beautiful day.

I'm super pooped after just one day of SXSW. I don't know how some people (like Kyle) last the entire week! 

I'd love to know how you managed to survive SXSW if you went this year. And did you fall in love with any new bands? 

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  1. love your blog, and LOVE that your man plays with the couch. they are great!