Casual With a Little Lace

In case you haven't noticed, it's still very warm in these parts. Temperatures are still in the triple digits, and they aren't showing any sign that they'll be dwindling any time soon. For those who've never experienced Texas in August, you may hear stories about our 104 degree summers and ask yourself, "how do they do it?"

I can't speak for everyone. For many Austinites, all it takes is weekly visits to Barton Springs, brunch every Sunday, snow cones, and lots of cold drinks. I dabble in the same sort of activities to try and forget about the heat, but I think my greatest tactic is patience. Yes--it is hot, and I complain about it often, but fall will be here before we know it.

Last weekend I went on a very successful thrifting excursion. I scored a pair of gently used leather boots (perfect for fall), some sassy heels, and a couple of casual blouses that I plan to play around with over the next couple of weeks.

I picked up this little ivory number because of the cute lace detailing on the sleeves and bottom. I initially thought it was a bit short--I haven't fully hopped on the crop top bandwagon quite yet, but with a clean pair of high-waisted jeans I thought I could make it work.

thrifted lace blouse

But until I find the perfect pair of high-waisted jeans, denim shorts will just have to do. I put this outfit together to run a quick shopping errand. The blouse was perfect because it didn't show too much belly and the loose shape prevented any unsightly sweat-induced clinging.

thrifted lace blouse

I thought some Ruby Woo lips would be a fun touch for a summer afternoon.

thrifted lace blouse

[Thrifted blouse; J.Crew belt; Aldo clutch; Erica Weiner necklace; Target shoes; shorts from Buffalo Exchange]

Now off to find some high-waisted jeans. Any recommendations?


  1. I like the heels! Tell me next time you go thrifting and I shall see if I can thrift

  2. As a high-waisted jeans aficionado, I must say that J Brand's Marias are the best. They are expensive, but if you wear jeans as much as I do, they are totally worth it. I might have worn them on my blog a thousand times this past winter/spring...But if you want to try something less spendy, I would check urban outfitters....happy hunting!

  3. Thanks, Samira!

    Taylor - Yes, I will contact you about thrifting. I really want to check out Charm School Vintage this weekend. Are you up for it?

    Laurel - I knew you'd have a recommendation! I also tried the high-waisted skinny jeans at J.Crew, and they were pretty comfy! I'll have to try the J Brand Marias.

  4. For some reason, that second pic has a total anne hathaway vibe to me. love it!

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