Inspired By (Lissie)

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Kristen Wiig and her character's lovely style in the movie Bridesmaids. I had a lot of fun pretend shopping on the internet! Not sure if this type of post is going to become a weekly column or anything, but we'll just see how it goes. Starting with one my favorite female musical talents since South by Southwest 2010: Lissie

Here's a taste of her music to get you in the mood:


That's Lissie, y'all--the most vivacious, ear-catching, and folksy American artist I've been listening to over the last year or so. Since discovering her at SXSW last year, I've run her albums into the ground and was able to catch her at ACL and the ACL after show in 2010. Here's what I like about her:

  • She's loud (her voice penetrates every crevice of a room)
  • She's cool (after her SXSW show I caught her as she was packing up to tell her how much I enjoyed it and she seemed very grateful for the compliment)
  • She's casual (I call it comfortable and subtly sexy)



She is smashing, I know it. Here's how I'd attempt to pull off her look:

steven alan shirt

denim shorts

It's warm outside. Therefore, cut-off denim shorts are a must. I'd easily pair them with a cute plaid shirt, buttoned up with sleeves rolled or unbuttoned and with a simple white tank underneath. 

urban outfitters dress

Another option would be a cute maxi dress. I love the flowy-ness and simple silhouette of this one, and maxi dresses are always fun to accessorize. 

madewell boots

As for shoes, I see Lissie and always think biker boot, even though she usually performs barefoot.

madewell boots


And I'd finish the look off with a couple of simple, stand-out accessories, like this floppy hat or these cute over-sized retro sunglasses.

Do you like Lissie's style? How would you make it your own?


  1. Her style is very boho, I would pair a few boho items, like some cut off shorts.

  2. I <3 Lissie, too! I would totally wear a slip dress with the biker boots. :)

  3. adore this. thanks for a great post. would love if you could stop by today and check out my new outfit post.

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  4. I really liked that maxi dress online too! But then, I tried it on in person on a whim and hated it. It had so much potential (cute fabric, nice length, interesting detail), but it turned out that the seams around the bust folded to make weird bulges. So glad I didn't follow my impulse to buy it online!