Bridesmaids: The Cutest Kristen Wiig

Did you see Bridesmaids? I watched it recently with one of my best girlfriends as part of an early bachelorette party before she moved to South Korea. It was hil-arious, and I fell in love with Annie, Kristen Wiig's character. She's sharp, ballsy, and funny as ever. And on top of all that, she's adorably dressed in almost every scene. Her style is smart, spunky, and subtly flirty.

As for her go-to ensemble throughout the film? A sweet sundress with a fitted blazer, cute kitten heels, and simple jewelry.

A few shots of some of my favorite looks from the film:

kristen wiig bridemaids

[Sources: 1, 2, and 3]

And here's how I'd recreate her look:

floral modcloth dress

[Sweet floral dress from ModCloth]

j.crew blazers

[Cute structured blazer in navy or cream]

seychelles kitten heels

[Adorable Seychelles kitten heel pumps]

gold wishbone necklace

[Charming gold-plated wishbone necklace]

gold stacking rings

[Gold stacking rings]

What do you think of Kristen's look in the movie?


  1. You aren't helping with my severe case of blazer fever...

  2. Hahaha loved the movie, so funny and loved her simple sundress/blazer ensemble throughout the movie!

  3. Oh my gosh I loved this movie. I saw it twice in the theater when it first came out, once with my hubby and once for a friend's bridal party. I loved that it was the first wedding, bridal movie that actually had really funny female characters that most people can relate too. Best movie I'd seen in awhile!

  4. Totally cute modcloth find!
    I saw bmaids and I was actually just thinking of her freakout breakdown at the parisian shower... probably the best part ever.
    Except for pooping in the street...

  5. I loved her little heart earrings! I've wanted some of my own ever since seeing Bridesmaids.

    Dani from

  6. Yes! I loved the little heart earrings too! She always looked so cute and playful.

    I also LOVED the part when she had that melt down at the bridal shower. Especially when she takes a bite out of the giant heart cookie. Wiig is just too good.

  7. i totally agree with you. this movie was incredible and her outfits are peeerfect. my mother said it's even funnier the second time so i can't wait to rent it when it comes out on video! i loved kristen wiig in knocked up too, even though it was a tiny little role...

  8. This movie is hilarious. I saw it twice. I plan on buying it and one of the things that I loved about it was her style!! She was so cute in this movie! Great post!!!