DIY: Streaming Love

I love personal and playfully styled weddings. For me, small details and color really help set the tone. So what is playful, colorful, and something your guests can toy around with? Love streamers.

I first saw this adorable idea played out in a wedding featured on Grey Likes Weddings and immediately knew I wanted to make it my own.

love streamers

The time required to complete this DIY totally depends on the number of streamers you want to make. I started out making about 80 and was able to finish in about eight hours over the course of a week.

how to make love streamers

Things you'll need:

  • Ribbon of various colors and sizes: the amount you'll need depends on how short you cut each strip and how many strips you use for each streamer. I recommend starting out with one spool of ribbon for each color.
  • Wooden dowels: you can usually find these in any major craft store. Any size will do (between 1/8 and 1/2 in., but the smaller dowels will be easier to trim down.) They are usually sold by the yard. Calculate the number of dowels you need by taking into account that each 3 ft dowel will be cut down into three 1 ft dowels or smaller.
  • Hot glue gun/hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler (optional)
  • Small saw (or another tool to cut a dowel with)

1. Start by trimming the 3 ft dowels down to 1 ft using your small saw or trimming apparatus. You should now have three smaller dowels per 3 ft dowel.
2. Cut your strips of ribbon. They can all be the same length or various lengths. It's up to you.
3. Carefully use the hot glue gun to individually attach each strip to the dowel. I found that it looks nice to slightly overlap one over the other.
4. Repeat until you have enough love streamers.

I ended up needing about three times as much ribbon as I originally thought. I didn't want to over buy in the beginning, so I just ended up visiting the craft store time and time again throughout the week. No biggie.

how to make love streamers

What kind of personalized details do you enjoy in a wedding?


  1. Woah, these were already totally on my DIY to-do list for the wedding. Even weirder - those are my colors! Well kinda, mines a bit of a lighter blue with the red and yellow. Great minds think alike!

  2. Cool idea! We had personalized totes and sunglasses at our wedding, but my favorite was making tablecards. We gave each table a letter and then did an "A is for..." alphabet theme with stuff that we love. So my fave was the U table because obviously U is for US Weekly.

  3. those are such a cute bright way to have a send off at a wedding!

  4. Holly - that's so awesome! I had so much fun making these, and those colors are my favorite!

    Laurel - that's such a cute idea!

    LyddieGal - I completely agree!