Style Post: Weekend Wear

Hello, fine friends. I hope your weekend was splendid. Ours was pretty casual, but busy. Saturday was spent car shopping, something I was dreading all last week.

After taking my car out for a quick spin a few weeks ago, Kyle made me promise to start looking for a new one. I agree I need a new car. My sweet little Pontiac is plenty old, plenty banged up, and probably on its last leg. I've had it for 10 years and definitely gotten the money's worth, but I just haven't been looking forward to getting rid of it.

We were up bright and early on Saturday to test drive a few cars. I was nervous, but I'm stoked I found two that actually I really liked! And after driving around in those beauties, it was heartbreaking getting back into my Pontiac. (Sorry, car!)

This is what I put together for our car shopping outing, and then a lunch date with a friend. Just a cozy button up, a silk skirt, and my favorite driving loafers.

[J.Crew top; Madewell skirt; thrifted loafers (random consignment shop); vintage bag]

These loafers are my new best friends. I picked them up at a consignment shop during my Georgetown excursion a while back, and they are still lovely and comfy as ever. 

We haven't done the deal yet, but hopefully I'll have some new wheels in a couple of weeks! Wish me luck! 

P.S. I'm excited to see everyone in their spring looks! It's already nice and warm here. 

What are you excited to wear now that it's spring?

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