Style Post: Feathered Hat and Maxi Skirt

Last weekend I had a chance to explore one of Austin's neighboring towns. Georgetown, we call it, and it's just a mere 30 miles outside of the city. My friend Lacy lives up there and kindly offered to show me around some of the cute antique and consignment shops. The perfect excuse to wear a feathered hat, right?

Yea, I've been dying to wear this hat more often. And it seemed perfect for a rather windy afternoon. I also just figured out what's missing from this outfit: color. I feel like I've been doing a good job incorporating more color into my looks this year, but sometimes you have to just go with whatever feels right. Like black. And brown.

[Madewell hat and skirt; J.Crew shirt and boots (last seen here)]

What do you wear when you go exploring?

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