Fan Favorites: Preppy Leather Bags

Growing up I used to love my dad's old briefcase. It was jet black, worn to bits, and it showed amazing signs of aging. The leather was super smooth most places, but I loved looking at and touching the creases because they were full of cracks and crevices from all the wear and tear. Maybe one day I'll be important enough to carry a sweet leather briefcase. Until then, I've got my eye on a bunch of sweet leather bags, satchels, and mini briefcases to keep me busy.

 [Bag 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5]

Some of these remind me of crispy clean schoolboy/girl bags. I love all the buckles and pockets that some have. I especially love bags 3 and 5. Sadly they're sold out, but surely I can get my hands on a similar preppy leather bag at some point.

If you find bag 3 at a J.Crew near you, let me know? 

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