How I Restyled My Office

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I found finally found time to make some serious improvements to my home office over the last few weekends, and I'm excited to say that it's finally finished! I don't even have the courage to show you "before" pictures. Just imagine a room with plain walls, random decor, and a very unorganized desk. With just some small changes, investments in a few new pieces, and a nice coat of paint, my office feels good as new!

In general I prefer a colorful and cozy office space. I have to be surrounded by bright and interesting things for regular inspiration, and having a huge open desk is great for projects and crafting. Hopefully my office restyle will give you a few ideas if you're looking to update your own.

It all started with a brand new chair and rug. I needed something that genuinely felt cozy since I tend to spend a couple of hours every night in my office. As for the rug, I used to have a pretty basic black and red floral one. I wanted something a little more neutral that would balance out the bright color I was going for with the walls. Gilt was having a fabulous sale on rugs, so I was able to score a pretty nice one for an even nicer price.

I wanted a warm color for the walls, and a light avocado green kept grabbing me as we studied all the various paint swatches.

Our bookshelf used to be full of just random stuff. Anything thing from really old photos to silly knick knacks. I whittled the collection down to just a few key things to display, like an old radio, one of Kyle's vintage cameras, and a few little things we collected for the wedding, like old bottles, a vintage cake topper that my friend gave me, and old hankies (check out the DIY for how to frame them here.)

Kyle was also sweet enough to install a couple of shelves for me. I desperately needed a little more space to store and display things.

On another note, have you read Creative, Inc.? It was one of the awesome pieces of swag from the Austin Blogshop, and I can't wait to read it!

I set several personal goals this year. I think hanging them boldly on the wall will serve as a constant reminder of what I'm trying to accomplish in 2012.

We also decided to repaint the sun room that's attached to my office. We painted it a light dolphin gray and got rid of the rather large, light green chaise lounge that used to live there. I figure this will be a nice room for photo shoots and such because it has the best lighting in our apartment, but I haven't really put it to good use yet. 

And that's a wrap! What does your home office look like?


  1. Hi,I just discovered your blog so I just stumbled on this post. I know this is an old post but I like to say that I love the restyling of your office! Where's the office table from? Love it!

    1. Hey! Glad you stopped by! You know, I didn't actually get to buy that desk. I bought it from my landlord when we moved in for like $50, and SHE got it on Craig's List. But I think it was originally from IKEA.