Honeymoon Highlights: Queenstown

After a quick stop in Auckland we headed to the South Island for a four-day stay in Queenstown, an uber-popular outdoor adventure destination. The city rests along the coast of a gorgeous lake and amidst one of the most remarkable mountain ranges and countryside. We spent our time oogling at baby lambs and sheep as we drove by, cruising along a fjord, eating savory meat and veggie pies, and lounging away in cafes drinking beer and coffee, lots and lots of coffee.

The views along the rocky beach just outside of the downtown area were perfectly picturesque. The water was consistently calm and I love how we could still see snow on the mountain tops.

There’s a popular burger joint in Queenstown called Fergburger. Next door to Fergburger is Ferg Bakery where we found yummy sweets and the most perfect pot pies. The crust was the flakiest thing I’ve ever tasted. And the innards were full of the yummiest veggies. Ugh. I wish I’d eaten more of these. They were absolutely delicious.

The day after we arrived took a three-hour excursion out to Milford Sound to cruise amongst the fjords and experience some of the beauty of the South Island. Even though it rained quite a bit, we were lucky enough to see so many gorgeous waterfalls up close.

I stumbled upon Frankie magazine in one of the cafes and fell in love with the Australian perspective on art, fashion, life, and culture. I can’t wait to get my hands on another copy.

We took a ride on this 100-year-old steam ship to a small ranch house where we ate and learned about the wool industry.

One of the farmers even sheared a sheep right in front of us. Lots and lots of wool those sheep can grow. Is it weird that all I want to do is cuddle with one? I think I miss my poodle.

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