Honeymoon Highlights: Dunedin

Our last New Zealand stop was in Dunedin, the country’s second largest city and home to thousands of college students. In addition to beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, the city is full of historic Victorian-style homes.

On our way to Dunedin we stopped at a cute little fruit stall by an apple orchard along the side of the highway. 

As soon as we arrived, we drove about an hour outside of the main city center to reach the peninsula. We read about the Royal Albatross, admired the sea gulls, and made fun of the rabbits, which happen to be serious pests in this region.

Not exactly a photo of Dunedin, but I picked up this sugar packet over breakfast and thought it was too cute not to share. 

Stay tuned for quick recaps of Melbourne, Cairns, and Sydney!

P.S. You can see what else we've been up to in New Zealand by reading my highlights from Queenstown and Auckland

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