Honeymoon Highlights: Melbourne

After 9 days in New Zealand, we were pretty excited to arrive in Melbourne, our first Australian stop of the trip. We were looking forward to dressing for warmer weather and exploring three of the country’s popular cities: Melbourne, Cairns, and Sydney.

I was immediately astounded by the diversity of Melbourne. There’s so much to do, eat, and see, but sadly we didn’t have enough time to even scratch the surface. We only had two days to figure out what this city was all about, and we spent day one running around town and exploring as many neighborhoods as possible. (St. Kilda was my favorite!)

Melbourne is just full of beautiful gardens. I love how Australians embrace the natural beauty of almost every city. We paid a visit to Fitzroy Gardens just on the edge of the city center and caught a glimpse of dozens of blooming orchids in the park’s conservatory.

I was so excited to try the coffee going into this trip. A few friends back home kept telling me how wonderful all the coffee drinks and sweets can be. I finally ordered my first iced coffee in Melbourne, assuming I was just ordering a plain black iced coffee. Apparently I was not. I was pleasantly surprised as I was presented a milky iced drink with a giant lump of ice cream in it.

One of the biggest reasons we didn’t have enough time to explore Melbourne is because we’d signed up for a savannah walkabout to explore some of Australian wildlife. I didn’t really know what to expect because I’ve never been on a safari or anything like that. But let me tell you—this was awesome. Seeing wild koalas, emu, and kangaroo in their natural environment was way too much fun. The koalas were especially fun to look for in the trees. They blend in so well! We spotted 5 of them, which is apparently way more than these tour groups usually spot in one day.

And the kangaroo mobs were just gorgeous. We couldn't approach them directly, but we were able to walk alongside them in the open grassy area so we were only about 25 meters away.

We saw more captive-bred kangaroo and koalas in Cairns and the experience was completely different. More about that in my next post!

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