My hair has become helpless. I've been growing it out for more than a year for the wedding and finally reached that stage where all I am is bored with it. Hair boredom is what it is. Oddly enough, the only thing I want is to have my bangs back. Yes, the same wretched bangs that have been the sole sore spot of the growing out process. But I don't care. I miss them, and I want to try wearing them for a while with longer hair.

Thankfully there are plenty of inspiring young ladies out there rocking long hair with bangs. I'll be looking at these girls when it comes time to redo my do after the wedding.

Keiko of Keiko Lynn: a pretty girl with pretty bangs that sweep every so nicely across the forehead.

[Photos 1 and 2]

Chan Marshall of Cat Power: I've always admired Chan's super straight hair and bangs. 

[Photos 1 and 2]

Zooey Deschanel: She's probably the queen of uber-blunt bangs. I like her with the fringe and the side sweep.

[Photos 1 and 2]

So tell me--what do we think of short bangs with long hair?

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