Let It Rain, I Say

Because the last thing I need is rain on our wedding day. Sheesh. I've been hoping and hoping that it won't rain on October 22, but I promised myself that I wouldn't freak out if it did rain because there's no point. I have no control over it.

And that's why it's always good to have a plan B, just in case any part of the wedding is set to take place outdoors.

I won't freak out. We have a plan B. Texas needs rain.  

But if you'd still like to throw some good vibes my way, please do!

Aside from wedding worries, I'm overjoyed for today's rain, as most Texans must be.

In addition to cute, wet poodles, today's rainstorm is just an awesome excuse to bust out my rain booties, which I've hardly had a chance to wear in the last year:

How are you enjoying this wet, wet Sunday?

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