Doodads for Shoes

When I tried to come up with a title for this post I thought of "shoe-dads." Turns out someone beat me to the punch and started an entire line of shoe charms and trinkets for Crocs and stuff. Oh well.

I'm starting to think shoes trinkets are becoming a thing. I remember getting excited about fun shoelaces as a little kid, and that excitement is starting to come back every time I rummage around on's or Anthropologie's websites. I'm loving all the shoe clips and shoe baubles. From bows to poms to little charms to even giant tassels--these shoes are fun!

shoe charms anthropologie

  • Not only did these gold sneakers catch my eye--the giant yellow poms and bright pink socks make for some adorably styled footwear. 
  • I REALLY like these kitten heels. I love the way they sort of shimmer, and the orange bows are so sweet. And the best part? They're made in Italy and by a brand called "Butter." I don't think anything sounds more comfortable than that.
  • Another favorite of mine would have to be these darling heart shoe clips
  • These crimson satin heels caught my eye immediately. The color is so rich and the little buttons are so vintage. I think these would be perfect with a little Mad Men looking outfit. 
  • I love the giant tassels on these girls. 
  • I spotted these colorful flats a while back. The little trinkets and charms are really cute and subtle. I especially like the little beetle on this pair

Which pair is your favorite? I know. It's hard to choose.

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