Going on a Mystery Trip

Later today I'll be driving to the airport, getting on an plane, and flying to a different city. I have no idea where. This is my sister/maid of honor's and aunt's idea of throwing a surprise pre-wedding getaway. It's pretty swell of them, but the fact that I have no clue where we're going has had me excited and nervous for the last several weeks. I'll be sure to tweet out the mystery destination as soon as I figure it out at the airport, but here are a few places where I THINK we could be going:

- New Orleans: my sister knows pretty darn well that I've been wanting to hit up New Orleans. This is my number one guess.

- San Francisco: my sister and I went on a little vacation to SF with my grandma probably 13 or so years ago to visit my aunt. It wouldn't surprise me if we visited for a weekend. I'd be super excited and delighted.

- Las Vegas: they've already assured me that this is not where we're going, but you never know.

Kyle is in on all this, by the way, and he told me to enjoy the lobster and clam chowder where ever I'm going. I kind of think he's trying to throw me off because I don't really like clam chowder.

Where the heck am I going? Care to take a guess for me?

UPDATE: Las Vegas it is! Wish me luck!

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