Sleeveless Chambray

Recycling clothing is sort of my thing. I'm the complete opposite of a pack rat, and when something goes unworn or unused for a really long time, I give it away. Sadly, my very favorite chambray shirt was getting to that point because the elbow holes were starting to become embarrassing and unbearable.  But then a brilliant idea came to me (actually, I met a lady with the same problem at work the other day and we devised a plan) ...

It's brilliant, I know. And I'm ashamed  I didn't think of it much sooner. I turned my long-sleeve chambray shirt into an adorable short sleeve one, and now we can continue to be together. Forever.

I cut the sleeves long enough so I could roll them up once or twice. I think it looks cute, and it hides any fraying that might happen. No sewing machine required.

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