Back to School Cool

I haven't done the whole back to school thing in a while, but sometimes I wish I could. Just long enough to have an excuse to collect new supplies, a fun backpack and an abundance of tech gear.

But who needs excuses? Madewell collaborated with a little boutique called Top Hat to release a lovely collection of office supplies and accessories. Here are just a few of my favorites:
Darling little notebooks 1 and 2. Memo. Delfonics pens

School supply shopping back in my day was never this much fun. But today, it is!


  1. i wish i can back to school. I just realize school is so much fun than working

  2. I'm totally with you here, Jennifer. Back to school was so much fun! New school supplies, new friends, new classes. Oh yeah... and new clothes!! ;-)

  3. great backpack :)