It's allergy season in Central Texas and I've been feeling super icky and under the weather. I've never been allergic to ANYTHING until a few years ago. I moved to Austin in 2004 and for years I just felt sorry for all the sniffling, sneezing types who suffered from allergies every year. I eventually caught on and now I get mad allergies every year when the seasons change. No fun.

This time around my friend introduced me to the Recharge -- a delicious shaken iced drink from The Steeping Room. The Recharge has not cured me, but I do feel a bit better after having one. I'll definitely be making these at home from time to time.

How do you survive allergy season?


  1. Sounds delicious and soothing. As strange as this sounds, just plain old Newman's Own lemonade heated in a mug in the microwave always clears my sinuses.

  2. You should try taking organic apple cider vinegar! I have allergies and I take a tablespoon of the acv for breakfast lunch and dinner, mixed with water and it really helps me feel good and gives me energy! It can be used for so many things, and is so good for the body!