DIY Beaded Bracelet

I love my Sculpey's Premo Accents Clay! My last clay bead necklace was so fun and easy to make. I've been dreaming up more ways to use all that clay I have left over and I thought a little beaded bracelet would be perfect!

This one was slightly more time consuming, but I have a feeling I'm going to wear this piece with everything. I love the pop of color (pink, of course) and the uneven texture of the beads. The double wrapped leather cord is also different and kinda fun.

What you'll need:

Sculpey's Premo Accents Clay
Greek leather cord, about 24 inches for the double wrap
Baking sheet
Round pen cap
Rolling pin, or a similar object for flattening soft things
Pin or needle
Jewelry clasp

What to do:

1. Take some of the clay and knead and play with it to soften it up.

2. Once it's fairly soft, begin to flatten it out on a hard, flat surface.

3. Use a rolling pin or device (I used a smooth pen) to roll the piece of clay out until it's pretty flat, about 1/32 (or less) of an inch high.

4. Using the cap of your pen, carefully cut out your clay discs.

5. Gently pierce an even hole through the beads.

6. Bake all the beads at 275 degrees for about 15 minutes.

7. Allow your beads to cool.

8. String as many or as few as you'd like using the leather cord.

9. Fasten the jewelry ring and clasp to each end of the cord!

Have fun making these little bracelets. I have more in the works already!

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