I Found My Second Home

Hi friends. For the past several months I've been helping out with a new retail concept in Austin. It's called Mockingbird Domestics and some of my dearest and oldest friends own and run this business. I love every ounce of what they're doing and can't thank them enough for letting me be part of it. This experience has brought me so much closer to what I love and to the creative community here in Austin.

The concept is simple -- locally made, fine crafted furnishings and home provisions. Everything is handmade, and the majority is designed and made in Texas. They also offer a beautifully curated selection of vintage items (sourced in Texas) and repurposed pieces to complement the collection.

I'm extra jazzed today and finally blogging about the business because the brick and mortar store just opened last weekend on South Lamar. The space is stunning, you guys. It's beautifully designed to showcase the artisans' work and vintage pieces that add extra originality. I think of it as a living showroom, a space that will constantly evolve with the artisans and the treasures the owners find.

I think my favorite thing about Mockingbird Domestics is that it offers some of the highest quality work I've ever seen. The furniture, housewares, art and vintage items are all hand-picked and hold a story. Stop by Mockingbird Domestics at 2151 South Lamar and be prepared to spend some time there. It truly is a retail store full of life and community. I think I've found my second home.

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  1. I love purchasing furniture (or anything, really) with a story!! Gorgeous pieces... wish I was in Austin!